These Spiced Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream are the right texture and spice for the autumn season.

Friends, please forgive me! This post was supposed to be up last week, but I botched it. I should have realized by now that when I travel, I have no time to write a fresh article for you. It’s what I call terrible blogging habits! I’ve just returned from a little vacation to Seattle that I can’t wait to tell you about! I fell in love with the city and its cuisine. I’m sure I’ll need a few weeks to detox now.

You may have seen these cupcakes previously since I provided the method for these adorable gold fondant cupcake toppers last week. Wilton also requested me to perform an Instagram takeover on their page at the same time. It’s my approach of gradually taking over the world via dessert. NBD.

This Spiced Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream recipe must be shared. The dish was adapted from Food Network Magazine. They published a cupcake issue in which they gave three basic cake recipes that could be adapted to match the demands of your dessert. It’s a fantastic tool to have!

To be honest, it’s difficult to find recipes for homemade cakes that are both delicious and yield a visually appealing cupcake. This is a keeper recipe. The cupcakes cooked up well, lasted fresh for a few days, and the crumb was light and delicate.

Here are a few things to look for in a recipe to evaluate if it will be delicious or not. Is there a moisture-adding component, such as sour cream or yogurt? This is almost essential for me.

What exactly is the fat element? Is it made with butter or oil? I’m usually good with either. Is it made with eggs or egg whites? Extra egg whites will result in a lighter and fluffier cupcake.

I’ll warn you that no matter how excellent your cupcake is, putting it in the refrigerator will cause it to dry out. It has been unusually warm, which means that my home is too hot for buttercream. I normally prepare the buttercream ahead of time and keep it in the fridge until I’m ready to pipe it onto the cupcakes. Allow sufficient time for the buttercream to reach to room temperature before serving.

I used half a batch of my perfect vanillafrosting for this recipe. The cupcake recipe yielded 12 cupcakes, which was ideal for me! You can make an entire batch of my buttercream if you double the cupcake recipe.

See how to make beautiful Gold Fondant Leaf Cupcake Toppers in my tutorial.

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Spiced Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream

  • Author:LEE
  • Prep Time:15 mins
  • Cook Time:20 mins
  • Total Time:35 minutes
  • Yield:12-14 cupcakes


These Spiced Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream are the right texture and spice for the autumn season.


  • 1 C All-purpose flour
  • tso Baking powder
  • tsp Baking soda
  • tsp Salt
  • tsp Cinnamon
  • tsp All-spice or Nutmeg
  • C (1 stick) Unsalted butter, browned
  • C Granulated sugar
  • C Light brown sugar
  • 2 Large eggs
  • 1 tsp Vanilla extract
  • C Sour cream
  • For the frosting:
  • 3/4 C Unsalted butter, cold.
  • 3 C Powdered sugar
  • 2 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 1 tbsp Heavy whipping cream
  • Pinch of Salt
  • 1 tbsp Caramel Sauce (optional)


  1. Preheat the oven to 350°F. Make a lining for your cupcake pan.
  2. Combine the dry ingredients in a medium-sized mixing bowl: flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, and all spice. Set aside after whisking together.
  3. Melt butter in a small pot over medium heat. Increase the heat to medium-high and continue stirring for another 2-3 minutes, or until the butter acquires a light brown color and has a nutty scent. Combine brown butter, sugar, and brown sugar in a mixing basin. Mix on medium speed until thoroughly incorporated, scraping down the edges of the basin as needed.
  4. Add the eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. Stir in the vanilla extract until well combined.
  5. Slowly incorporate the dry ingredients while beating on moderate speed. Finally, add the sour cream and stir until all of the ingredients are completely combined, but do not overmix.
  6. Using a big cookie scoop, scoop batter into lined cupcake pans (approximately 3 tablespoons each). Preheat the oven to 350°F and bake for 18-20 minutes.
  7. For the frosting:
  8. Cut the butter into cubes. Whip the butter for 3-4 minutes with the paddle attachment, scraping down the bowl regularly. Beat until the butter becomes light in color.
  9. Mix in 2 cups powdered sugar on low speed until it is completely absorbed into the butter.
  10. Add 2 tsp vanilla extract and mix to combine.
  11. Add 1 cup powdered sugar and beat on low until sugar is absorbed. Increase the pace to medium-high and continue to beat for 2-3 minutes. Add heavy whipping cream and optional caramel and beat on low until the ingredients begin to combine. Increase the speed to medium-high and continue to beat for another 2-3 minutes to incorporate more air into the frosting. Cool the cupcakes before frosting them.

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What flavor frosting goes best with vanilla cupcakes?

Vanilla Cake Frosting Flavors Complementary
Buttercream with strawberries.
Frosting with Salted Caramel.
Buttercream with coconut.
Mix in the powdered sugar while adding the vanilla and coconut extracts.
Buttercream with peppermint flavoring.
Buttercream with blackberries.
Buttercream in orange.
Buttercream with cardamom flavoring.

How do you spice up cupcakes?

How to Improve Box Mix Cupcakes
Increase the number of eggs. You may simply make the cupcakes more moist by adding an additional two egg yolks in addition to the recipe’s needed quantity of eggs.
Reduce the amount of water you use.
Increase the amount of chocolate.
It should be sprinkled.
Increase the flavor.
Include some pudding.
Add a dollop of mayonnaise.
Don’t over-blend.

What is the secret to super moist cupcakes?

Replace buttermilk, sour cream, or milk with high-quality dairy products such as plain yogurt or sour cream for soft and moist cupcakes. In a 1:1 ratio, substitute ingredients, but thin your yogurt and sour cream with water closer to the replacement component.

How do you spice up vanilla frosting?

Quick and Simple Flavor Enhancements

1 teaspoon of vanilla essence complements every taste and amplifies any additional addition. Other flavors to consider are lemon, almond, orange, peppermint, or any essence that matches the icing or cake.

What Flavour buttercream goes well with vanilla cake?

Vanilla Cake Frosting Ideas

Some of the most frequent vanilla cake buttercream flavors are: Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, apple, pear, passionfruit, mango, and peach are all fruity. Tea options include English breakfast, Earl Grey, Matcha, and Chai. Lemon and lime tart.

What is the most popular flavor of cupcakes?

Chocolate with vanilla

These delectable treats blend two of the most important sweet flavors into an unmatched mixture that is constantly in trend. Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes may be found anywhere, from trendy cupcake boutiques to primary school cafeterias.

What is the secret to good cupcakes?

10 Suggestions for Making Perfect Cupcakes
All of the ingredients should be at room temperature.
The batter should not be overmixed.
For evenly cooked cupcakes, use a cupcake scoop.
Fill cupcake liners just halfway.
Cupcakes should be baked on the middle rack of the oven.
Instead of a toothpick, use the touch test.
Remove the cupcakes from the pan and set aside to cool.

How do bakeries keep cupcakes moist?

Maintain cupcakes at room temperature.

According to the bakery, cupcakes are best kept unfrosted and wrapped in plastic. Wait until your unfrosted cupcakes are absolutely cold before wrapping them, as any moisture trapped inside might make the pastries mushy.

What does adding an extra egg to cupcakes do?

Include an Extra Egg

Just one additional egg will provide moisture, fat, and protein, making the cake softer and less prone to overbake and dry out in the oven.

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